Drive your brand on the
MAX Platform

We have developed MAX-AD to provide an affordable medium for companies to reach their audience and empower our champions to gather more wealth. Our MAX ADs are versatile, affordable and easy to use.
Advertising bikes and mobile billboards provide  precise targeting. They can go wherever your target audience is found: in traffic, in and around busy squares, parks, outdoor concerts, and so on.

How it works

Getting visibility for your brand is super easy.

Choose Target Geographies

The key to an effective transit system is coverage and penetration within congregation sites. We have a rich network of vehicles within the Ibadan metropolis. Our network system is built to ensure that brands get the right exposure at every given time

Choose vehicle Type

Be spoilt for choice. Choose between our different vehicle types. We have the 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers

Choose Number of Vehicles

As they say, there is power in numbers. The more vehicles with your ads, the more reach. Choose the number of vehicles that will carry your ads and lets transform your business together.

Conclude your design

An eye catching ad is all about the creative. We can run with your design or our team of expert creative designs can work with you to ensure the perfect ad for your brand

Why choose MAX

Location Tagging

Our fleet of over 1,000 vehicles are available to your business for the duration of your contract with us. Our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices that provide real time location tracking and these vehicles are spread across key locations within operating cities.

Tracking & Reports

We provide monthly reports and tracking updates for brands High resolution pictures and video reports delivered to you so you can rest assured that your ads are doing what its supposed to do.

Content Design

At a loss for how to create your content to wow and woo your consumers, we specialise in creating design and messaging content so you can be sure your messaging connects your targets in the language and format they understand and can relate to.

Are you ready for a world