Join the A-Class team for go-getters.

It takes more than mediocrity to change the world. We have put together an amazing team of optimistic and goal-driven ninjas with passion and skillset a notch above extraordinary. We encourage diversity and are open to meeting just about anyone with the right passion and skillset regardless of looks, gender, sexual orientation, colour, tribe, nationality, and disability.

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In everything we do, we uphold these 5 values without compromise


We’re taking everyone along for the ride.


We stand by our word to remain consistent with all parties, including you!


We prioritise ingenious ideas and nurture them which has brought us this far and we’re not stopping now.


We always keep the welcome mat rolled out on MAX Land; everyone is welcome.


Safety to us at MAX means taking all road safety precautions, telling others about safety so that mobility is safe and comfortable for all.

Here’s why you should work with us

Competitive salary

We believe in motivating our people to do their best work with salaries at or above the market rate.

Growth mindset

We hold growth as a watchword and encourage it through carefully crafted training and development programs.


Without trying so hard, we work in synergy towards one goal and purpose.

Our vision

We are true to our vision and constantly remind ourselves of the big picture.


We believe that everyone deserves a chance to thrive and we offer that opportunity without any bias.

Insurance and retirement

We provide a wide range of health insurance and pension plans to keep you at ease now and when you decide to take a bow.

You can join us as

An Experienced Hire with the required work experience for the role.

An intern looking to learn and maybe even become a full-staff one day.

The MAX person

The ideal MAXian exhibits these 8 qualities:

Internal drive

Bias for technology







A sneak-peek into the MAX Experience

“Being at MAX for almost 2 years has been the most progressive time of my career. Apart from having an accelerated career in one of the most innovative industries (E-Mobility), I have also had the opportunity to represent MAX in several African and Southeast Asian Countries. I also have access to world-class leadership training and I get to speak and inspire others at international events. I look forward to doing much more with MAX.”

David Idunnuoluwa

“I joined MAX as a Youth Corper with absolutely no experience in the logistics/transport industry at the time, fast forward 3 years and I have had the opportunity to work in various functional teams, leading and collaborating with trailblazers at various levels in the organization, including the founders themselves. My experience at MAX is one that came with a lot of value and will play a significant role in my career for years to come.”

Segun Boyejo

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