Built for smart governments

A future-proofing solution to transform the public transportation sector.

With the power of technology, we have created a super app custom-made for governments to gain full visibility into the public transportation sector for better data-driven decision making and increased revenue.

Meet MetroGov, the first-of-its-kind
platform in Africa.

MetroGOV is powering digital transformation for governments. This super app is equipped with functionalities that automatically manage:

Driver identity

Vehicle registration

Remote tracking

Revenue Collection

Why MetroGov?


It is the first of its kind in Africa, built with the flexibility to suit any public transportation terrain within the continent. So far, it is the best of its kind.


It offers authorities and other key stakeholders greater visibility into operations in the otherwise opaque informal transportation sector.


It enforces transparency in revenue collection, thereby reducing loss of funds to theft and maximizing government revenue generation.


It is built to guarantee high security and safety standards in public transportation across states and the nation.


It fosters better identity management within the informal public transportation sector to block fraudulent schemes and compliance breaches.


It encourages effective regulation and policymaking, backed by data, to regulate and optimize the transportation industry.


It offers a digital database containing verified identities of drivers in the public transportation sector and networks which would help with accountability.


It can be utilized to drive hygiene and behavioural change for informal moto-taxi drivers across a country through training and skill development.

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