Vehicle Subscription Solutions
for Enterprise Customers

MAX empowers businesses with a flexible alternative to buying vehicles with our bespoke vehicle subscription product: MAX Enterprise.

MAX Enterprise subscriptions offer various advantages over buying vehicles. We are the superpower of operators across logistics and mobility.

We gives companies access to various vehicle types that fit their needs across all types of drivetrains.

We support Internal Combustion Engine and Electric Vehicles:






We are your trusted partner to access vehicles for logistics and mobility services.


Logistics is the lifeblood of commerce; With MAX Enterprise, Logistics operators are able to grow and refresh their fleets for every use case.

We support operators across:

Last-mile Delivery

Third - party Logistics (3PL)

FMCG Distribution


Improving commuter mobility will continue to be a major factor in Africa’s economic empowerment; with MAX Enterprise, operators can deploy high-quality low and zero-emission vehicles regardless of the market.

We offer vehicles via:



Outright Sales

Mobility-as-a-Services (MaaS)

MaaS offers mobility solutions tailored for enterprise clients aiming to shift their asset and operator expenses from CapEx to OpEx.

Our flexible cost model will deliver a comprehensive mobility package that enables large corporations to become more agile and scalable, bypassing the usual hefty capital investments typically necessary.

MaaS is trusted by:

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