Virtual marketplace that brings people and drivers together.

Our transport marketplace rides on new-age digital technologies and is built to avail users and drivers an opportunity to network, get great deals, and fulfil their mobility goals without us in the picture.

Introducing a simpler and more transparent way to request and take offline trips.

No more tiring fare negotiations! No more breach of agreement! We are connecting well-trained drivers with ready passengers, allowing both parties to interact directly and work out the logistics in ways that would benefit them.

Built to serve differently!

For Drivers

Now, you can earn money on your terms and accept rides from passengers even without a smartphone or the internet.

It’s easy to begin!

Indicate interest in taking online rides.

Become a certified max champion.

Pay a monthly subscription fee.

Be available to take trips and pick customers’ calls.

Indicate your price per destination.

Complete trips still upholding our strict safety policies.

For Users

We built this easy-to-use app so that you can get all the comfort of e-hailing with the added benefit of choosing a fare that suits your budget and the excluded fear that the price will increase at any point during the journey.

It’s easy to begin!

Request a ride from the comfort of your home.

Get paired with multiple drivers all within your location radius.

See the different rates drivers are willing to accept for the trip.

Choose a rate that suits your budget.

Sit back and relax knowing the price won’t go up.

Arrive at your destination and pay.

Are you ready for a world